Mom and I watched quite a few of these shows. Mom enjoyed all of PBS’s patriotic shows from Washington.  (We both felt that their Memorial Day Concerts were especially moving.)  One year the Capital Fourth was held  in a downpour. Singers were coming on a water soaked stage in high heels. I was so afraid they would slip I had to close my eyes.

My First attempt at live blogging

Watched the Capital Fourth tonight. Jimmy Smits is hosting tonight’s show. Aretha seemed to have a little trouble with her voice.-although the national anthem is difficult to sing. Barry Manilow was very spry for a  66 year old man with a hip replacement. Big Bird’s charming leading the orchestra! Sesame Street characters sang a few songs ending with a rousing rendition of It’s a Grand Old Flag. Can you believe Sesame Street is celebrating its 40th birthday?

The cast of Jersey Boys sang a medley which brought back memories of long ago sock hops. Although I never owned a Four Seasons record, I knew all the lyrics of all the songs!  Not familiar with Natasha Bedingfield. The people in the audience seem to be able to sing along with her. Michael Feinstein and the orchestra played Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue. Bold and beautiful!

Next, the queen of soul, Aretha, returns in a different gown. Oh wow, she is on fire! People of all ages in the crowd are on their feet and moving. Oh no she’s not- RESPECT!!!!!!! They showed two ladies in the audience with lighted tiaras. Jess and Alexis would fit in with this crowd!

Barry’s back singing America and Let Freedom Ring. Beautiful fireworks! Here comes the 1812 overture. More fireworks. Spectacular shots of flags, fireworks and Washington. U.S. Army musical groups -drum and fife corp playing fife and drum music. Strike Up, 76 Trombones,  played by the Band by the Army Band. Fireworks continue to light up the sky. the fife and drummers are fifing and drumming again. Now a rousing John Phillips Sousa march. Flags, fireworks and everybody that has an instrument is playing. And the fireworks continue as the bands play on. Jimmy Smits is saying goodnight. The fireworks are still going strong.

The hardest thing about this exercise is not being able to maintain one consistent verb tense.