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Monica Vitti and Alain Delon

My children do not understand my academic study of Alain Delon. While doing research yesterday I found the following on a blog written in May 2009. I have found this woman’s feelings  to be a common reaction to Mr. Delon. While L’eclisse is not one of my favorite Delon movies, I totally relate to her  being ” mesmerized.”

L’eclisse – (1962) – DVD

Seen: Wednesday, May 20, 2009

“Alain! Just look at him. Look at him! It is fair to adore Monica Vitti, too, I’ll concede, but Alain Delon is breaking my heart these days. Watching him in Antonioni’s final film in the L’Avventura/La Notte/L’eclisse series, well, that breaks it. This is bordering on obsession now. I can’t take my eyes of him as it is–no matter what the movie–but you place him in this lovely, dreamy Roman landscape filled with floating emotions of love and lust and the sense that they are all so tenuous, brittle really, and could scatter into nothingness with a lazy turn of a street corner? Forget it. I’m mesmerized. Can I call in sick for that? “Hi boss, I’m at home in a dreamy daze about modern Rome and an irrational affection for an actor who is more than forty years my senior. I don’t think I can come in today.” Think it will work? Damn, me neither.