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I found this entry in the blog- http://seenfilm.blogspot.com/. This is the same blogger who wrote “Can I Call in Sick?” Here she recounts her trip to Milan, the setting for Alain Delon’s movie Rocco and His Brothers.I love her reaction to sharing a special moment on the church roof. I’m sure many women who saw Mr. Delon in this movie “wanted to be her.”


Rocco and His Brothers (Rocco e i suoi fratelli)- (1960) – DVD

Seen: Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rocco and His Brothers

Annie Girardot and Alain Delon

Compare this image with the photo at the top of this post and you’ll glean that Rocco was indeed a bit of Milan prep work I assigned myself before the big trip. That’s il Duomo in the heart of central Milan. And that’s the unspeakably sexy Alain Delon atop the church roof embracing his woman. I want to be her. Really bad. Really, really bad. Anyway, I figured before Alitalia dropped me off in Milan, a city where I had never before been, I might give myself a fun activity and see how it looks on film.

It was a nice pursuit that got me amped up for the trip, and a nice companion to my Lonely Planet guide; seeing the city on film first gives me a connection to it, and as threadbare as that connection might be, it is still significant. And now that I’ve been to the city it will mean so much more to me when I see it again on film.

Hell, even glimpsing the still at left gets me. I’ve been there. How could it be? I was there, I even sat on those stone ledges reserved for hot, tired tourists after scaling the hundreds of narrow steps to the top. In theory, my rear touched the same piece of stone as Alian Delon’s. Never mind the decades of weather that have worn away his scattered skin cells that were shed there almost 50 years ago. So there are no traces of Delon’s DNA left on my clothes or skin. So what? I was there. Alain was there. We were there. Not physically together, but in spirit I was there with him, even if I left my trench coat behind that day (the sun was too mighty for that), though it would have been better if our clothes coordinated, I think.