Today is the memorial/ celebration service for Michael Jackson. I did not plan on watching it, but I did, and I’m glad I did.

Highlights for me-

Queen Latifa sharing personal stories and  a poem  Maya Angelou had written for Michael.

Al Sharpton giving a eulogy as only he can deliver. Love him. Hate him. It doesn’t matter. The man can deliver a speech.

Brook Shields sharing stories about her friendship with Michael.

Jermaine Jackson singing Charlie Chaplin’s ‘Smile.’

Sheila Jackson Lee’s shocker, “In this country you are innocent until proven guilty.” Great speech. She delivered a great speech in a firm, assured, ‘there’s no room to disagree with me’ voice. She highlighted his talent and his humanitarian efforts.

Usher. I had heard of him, but never heard him sing- quite a voice.

Shaheen Jafargholi sang a song. He is one poised kid with one powerful voice.

Emotional finish with “We Are the World” and “Heal the World.”

If the moral code police had their way we would have very few people who could pass their test for acceptability. The  lesson of Michael Jackson is that we can know of his imperfections  and we can honor and celebrate his life. Isn’t this what we need to do for ourselves and everyone in our lives? To know honestly, completely and still love honestly and completely. Michael Jackson wanted a better world. I hope his message of love doesn’t get buried by the moral police. The press has been asking if there is more interest in acceptance of Michael in the Black community. I don’t think it’s a black/white thing. I believe it has more to do with can you accept and love someone warts and all.

I loved Andrew Sullivan’s thoughts on Michael Jackson’s life.

Found the following message posted on the web. I love the phrase “part of the soundtrack of my life.”
“Michael’s music and that of the Jackson 5 were part of the soundtrack of my life as I grew up and I choose to remember him via his wonderful music and hope that his tortured soul will rest in peace.”