I have fond memories of taking Jessica to a Michael Jackson concert in Pittsburgh.  Rosie, my hairdresser, was so jealous that I got to see Michael Jackson in concert. I can still see Jessica standing up and dancing along. I still smile remembering Sabrina singing “Bad.” It was fabulous watching Jess, Alexis, and Sabrina trying to learn the dance routine for Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation. I couldn’t even get the hand motion for “Five, four, three, two, one” at the beginning.

Several of his songs that I used to play on my Walkman are now on my exercise workout songs on my iPod. I recently added “You Are Not Alone.” Something in the song reminds me of my mom. I tear up every time it plays.  However, most of his songs are great invitations to get up and move. There is an element in the rhythms and lyrics of both Michael and Janet of moving, of lifting up, of flying.