Eureka, it’s Friday. I’m looking forward Eureka’s season 3 opener tonight on the SciFi channel. Eureka is my favorite Sci-Fi show. Actually it’s  the only  Sci-Fi channel show I watch. Why? Two words- Colin Ferguson. Oh yes I know, he’s younger than Jessica. However, that doesn’t preclude me from enjoying his adventures as sheriff of Eureka. It’s a silly series where nothing really awful ever happens and the characters  and crazy science are fun to watch.The sheriff may not be the smartest one in town, but he‘s a good problem solver.

Eureka is a series set in a town inhabited almost entirely by geniuses. The show stars Colin Ferguson as a U.S. Marshall who serendipitously happens upon Eureka, Ore., which at first glance seems a normal small town but is actually stashed with the nation’s top geniuses — and, apparently, is home to a secret government research facility. Even though he plays one of the only adults whose IQ doesn’t break the scales, it’s clear that Ferguson’s OK with that.

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