Joan Collins and Julia McKenzie

Joan Collins,76 and Julia McKenzie,68

One of Agatha Christie’s most famous characters, Miss Jane Marple, first  appeared in print December 1927 in the short story ‘The Tuesday Night Club.’ Her American TV debut was in 1956 followed by  her first movie entrance in 1962. Over the decades numerous talented actresses have portrayed the Miss Marple character.

PBS’s Masterpiece Mystery has started  airing the latest Miss Marple.  Julia McKenzie took over the role of Miss Marple  when Geraldine McEwan retired from the role last year.  Tonight’s mystery is  “They  Do It With Mirrors.” Joan Collins guest stars.

While both Joan Collins and Julia McKenzie both color their hair, the final look is quite different. I don’t think Miss McKenzie has had any plastic surgery done.

I’m enjoying the show. I’ve seen this story before. I remember how it was done, but not who did it or why!