So Momchap’s cubs have hit a little rough patch in the road. Nothing life altering. It’s just  a little bumpy for awhile. I mentioned to Jess that she should, ‘pack up her sorrows and give them all to me.’ That was a song by Richard and Mimi Farina’s  on their album Celebrations for a Grey Day. My brother introduced me to this album when I was in high school. I frequently played it when my kids were little. I must have really loved this album because I knew the all the lyrics to all the songs on both sides of the record!

Richard and Mimi Farina

I went to YouTube to hunt for a video to share. I was surprised that there were so few videos of Richard and Mimi Farina. That led me to do some research on the pair.

Richard Farina was born in  NYC in 1937. His father was Cuban and his mother Irish. My brother, Tom, had a copy of Farina’s book, Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me. I never read the book, but the I loved the title. He married Mimi Farina who was born in 1945. Her father was Mexican and her mother was Scottish. Mimi is the younger sister of Joan Baez. Richard and Mimi married. Richard died in a motorcycle accident in 1966, a few months after this Pete Seeger show was taped. Mimi died in 2001. Hence, so few videos. I love Pete Seeger. PBS ran a special about him. His main goal was to get people, all people to sing. He recently celebrated his 90th birthday. What a pure soul.

Don’t you love technology? I couldn’t find my Celebrations cd anywhere, so I just downloaded it from itunes and listened to it on my ipod as I was working on this.

I’ve included this video because it’s one of my favorites from their album. I  was fascinated watching Richard play the dulcimer.

Sing along to Pack Up Your Sorrows-

Farina/Marden– Ryerson Music Pub., Inc. BMI

Well, if somehow you could pack up your sorrows,
And give them all to me.
You would lose them, I know how to use them,
Give them all to me.


No use cryin’, talking to a stranger,
Namin’ the sorrows you’ve seen;
Oh, ’cause there are too many bad times,
Too many sad times,
Nobody knows what you mean.


No use ramblin’ walkin’ in the shadows,
Trailin’ a wanderin’ star.
No one beside you, no one to hide you,
An’ nobody knows where you are.


No use roamin’, walking by the roadside,
Seekin’ a satisfied mind.
Ah, ’cause there are too many highways,
Too many byways,
Nobody’s walkin’ behind.


You would lose them, I know how to use them,
Give them all to me.