Richard Wilbur, Pulitzer Prize winning poet, his wife and their four children used to play an unusual word  game around the dinner table. One member of the family would suggest a word, and then everyone would join in a lively quarrel about its proper opposite. The following poem is from his book Opposites. I used to share this poem with third graders.

What is the opposite of July?

That’s hard to answer, but I’ll try.

In San Francisco and Quebec,

Duluth, Big Forks, Mamaroneck,

And every other city here

In the upper Western Hemisphere,

July can be extremely hot;

But far to southward it is not.

The month can be extremely chill

In Paraguay or in Brazil,

And furthermore, July can mean a

Blizzard or so in Argentina.

These unexpected facts are why

The opposite of July’s July.

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