Eric Andersen

Eric Andersen’s career as a folk singer/songwriter spans from the 60s to today. His writing has a “romantic/philosophical/poetic” bent for the most part. I think that was his appeal for me.  Although, one of his best known songs, ”Thirsty Boots” was about the Freedom Rides, I preferred his romantic poetry.

“Eyes Gently Rolling” and “Violets of Dawn” are on my iPod. I couldn’t find any good video of either of these songs so I picked “Today is the Highway. This clip duplicates the experience of  listening to music on a record player. It’s not the most sophisticated video, and I never listened to this song and just stared at the album cover for 2 minutes and 31 seconds.  It’s worth closing your eyes and listening.

Today is the Highway

(Eric Andersen)

Is the grass still growin’ green upon the meadow,
Is the sand still soft where the tidal rivers flow—
Do the redwoods ever ask you where I’ve been
Do they ask you where went their lonely friend?
Please tell them for me I still remember them.
Please tell them they taught me what I know.

I remember that night I walked the floor,
From nowhere your face was at my door—
You brought to me a joy words can’t explain,
As if your presence was a feeling without a name.
My love, it is a night I still remember,
When your breathin’ stole the sound from the ocean’s roar.


Do you see my face in the rain that’s fallin’ freely,
Do you hear my voice in the whisperin’ of the trees—
Do you taste my love in a glass of wine,
Do you touch your heart and feel the beat of mine?
Upon this darkened roadway your love will always shine

For today is the highway and tomorrow is the time.