Alyson Le Borges

Alyson Le Borges

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I have not been able to verify this story from any other source. I have no idea if she is Anthony’s daughter and Alain Delon’s granddaughter, but she sure looks like she could be. The article is translated from Italian.

“In the restaurant where I work, a few days ago, a lady of a certain age is approaching, and I said, know that you like so impressive to my favorite actor? If Alain Delon was a woman, he would have her face.”

The watch Alyson Borges, sitting in front of me at the table of a bar of Neuillysur-Seine, and I know that I am not telling a lie. Because, although prior to this time her true identity was never revealed, there are certainly surprising that someone has acknowledged in her genes of Delon, perfectly played by women in a thoughtful girl, much more mature of her 22 years, which meets for the first time a journalist to talk about herself. Young actress at the beginning, mannequin for a day for Vanity Fair, a waitress in a restaurant, the granddaughter of the great French actor, born from a relationship between his young first-Anthony and Marie-Hélène Le Borges, a former ballerina of Crazy Horse, has a great desire to make her existence côté Delon. Even if we keep saying that will continue to be called The Borges; she wants to do by itself, does not intend to use the name of the father – with whom she has never lived.

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