Alfred Hitchcock

Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock, ( August 13,  1899 – April 29, 1980) was a British filmmaker and producer who pioneered many techniques in the suspense and psychological thriller genres. My favorite Hitchcock movies were made in the 40s and 50s. They include:

Rebecca 1940

Suspicion 1941

Spellbound 1945

Notorious 1946

To catch a Thief 1955

North by Northwest 1959

Alfred Hitchcock Presents ran   268 episodes,on tv from 1955 to1962. There were many memorable episodes in this series. The episode that made a lasting impact on me was “The Glass Eye.”  It starred Jessica Tandy, William Shatner, and Patricia Hitchcock, Alfred’s daughter as the saleslady.

Summary of “The Glass Eye”

Original Air Date—6 October 1957

While cleaning out the apartment of his dead sister Julia, Jim Whitely comes across a strange glass eye and tells to his wife the story of how his sister acquired it. Julia had fallen in love with a famous ventriloquist named Max Collodi. She had been to all his performances and had sent letters requesting to meet him. One day, Max agreed to meet her. She arrived to his hotel room and found him sitting in darkness with his small dummy George. As they talked, Julia tried to touch Max. She screamed as his body fell to the floor and one of his glass eyes fell rolling on the carpet. George stood up and angrily asked her to leave. It was Max who was the dummy and George was the ventriloquist.

Full episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents can be seen or Hulu or  at the Internet Movie Database. The Glass Eye-