Rock Melt

The RockMelt Mystery. Is it Just a Facebook Browser, Or Will It Break The Mold?

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Anything with Marc Andreesen has to be interesting. After reading this article I keep thinking about “what would a redesigned browser look like and what would a true social browser look like.”  I don’t have the answers but they’re fun questions to think about.

From Tech Crunch– “RockMelt is currently in stealth mode. It is rumored to be a semi-independent desktop browser for Facebook. It is backed by one of Silicon Valley’s most well-known personalities, Marc Andreesen.

The original browser model was one of consumption, of reading Web pages as if they were documents. Despite all the progress of the past decade, we are still stuck with that legacy to a large degree because it is built into our browsers. So what would a true social browser look like?

If you were redesigning the browser from scratch today, what would it look like?”