Alain Delon

Alain Delon

When researching Alain Delon I frequently use Google translate to translate articles from around the world. I find translated articles difficult to read and understand the meaning even though the words are in English. This led me to wonder if the language we speak influences the way we think. I was delighted to find this article asking the same question.

I do think Alain Delon’s stunning looks and talent translate well in any language.

By Lera Boroditsky

For a long time, the idea that language might shape thought was considered at best untestable and more often simply wrong. Research in my labs at Stanford University and at MIT has helped reopen this question. We have collected data around the world: from China, Greece, Chile, Indonesia, Russia, and Aboriginal Australia. What we have learned is that people who speak different languages do indeed think differently and that even flukes of grammar can profoundly affect how we see the world. Language is a uniquely human gift, central to our experience of being human. Appreciating its role in constructing our mental lives brings us one step closer to understanding the very nature of humanity.

This essay works to answer the questions-

Humans communicate with one another using a dazzling array of languages, each differing from the next in innumerable ways. Do the languages we speak shape the way we see the world, the way we think, and the way we live our lives? Do people who speak different languages think differently simply because they speak different languages? Does learning new languages change the way you think? Do polyglots think differently when speaking different languages?

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