Now that I’m back from vacation I restarted my Netflix account. First to arrive in the mail was Fellini’s Ginger & FredIt was a treat spending yesterday afternoon in Frederico Fellini’s world of Ginger & Fred. Fellini is a masterful and magical director. Giulietta Masina effortlessly creates a character we care about and want to succeed. Fellini is always worth watching. I enjoyed my time seeing the world through his eyes.

“Director Federico Fellini gently lampoons the world of small-time show business in Ginger and Fred. Giulietta Masina and Marcello Mastroianni star as Amelia Bonetti and Pippo Botticella, a onetime celebrity song-and-dance team. Having risen to fame with a dancing act where they recreated the acts of Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire (hoping to become the Fred and Ginger of Italy), Amelia and Pippo parted company to pursue their separate lives. Neither one was particularly successful in other fields of endeavor, so when after many years Amelia is offered a guest-star gig on a TV variety show, she jumps at the chance. She also seeks out her former partner, Pippo, who may have looked like Astaire in his younger days, but now.…”

Read Vincent Canby’s March 28, 1986 review from the New York Times at-