The website TechCrunch had an interesting post about Twitter’s Golden Ratio. The idea was that one wants the number of followers to be greater than the number of people one is following.

While attempting to explain this to Jessica I mentioned golden ratio. I reminded her of the conch shell and other examples of ideal proportion. She understood the idea of Twitter proportion, but couldn’t remember learning about Phi.

I set off to research the web for a clear explanation of what I couldn’t explain clearly.

From Enchanted Learning – The golden ratio is (1 + 5e.5)/2 = 1.61803399. Many people say that a rectangle with the height to width ratio being the golden ratio is a pleasing shape.

From a math dictionary -Phi is a lesser known cousin if Pi. Phi is the golden ratio of antiquity (1.6180339887), a never-ending number so lauded for its harmonious qualities that in the 16th century it was dubbed the divine proportion.

I watched several Youtube videos that confused me rather than enlighten me. Jessica and I had talked about the golden ratio being mentioned in the video “Donald in Mathmagic Land.” This was a Donald Duck featurette which was released on June 26, 1959. I found it on Youtube. I’m not sure I understand Phi, but I do appreciate its beauty.