YoostarBeing part of a family that loves all things movies I was excited when I read about Yoostar. This is a program that lets you be part of various movie scenes using a green screen, web cam and software with movie scenes. I can imagine various family members being ready for their close ups or making offers others can’t refuse.

After reading the information from the Times and Everything USB I think I will wait for a later version. They have a few issues they need to improve. However, this is one item I hope to see on my Christmas list in a few years.

from yoostar.com

Shoot. Star. Share. Yoostar™ makes YOO the star of famous movie and TV scenes and lets you share your performances with the world. The Yoostar system ($169.95 MSRP) includes a studio-grade web cam, portable green screen and stand, remote control, 12 movie scenes and 2 bonus scenes.

David Pogue’s video shows how Yoostar works and discusses some of the problems at –


from the site Everything USB-


What’s Yoostar? In a nutshell, it lets you live your hollywood dream, in front of your PC. Yoostar is a kit comprising of a special USB webcam, a portable greenscreen and software that can insert your image into your favorite movies.

Pro: It’s like karaoke for the movies (with real scenes and actors). Lots of fun. Lets you share performances.

Con: Exceedingly buggy. Can be used on only one computer. Requires fairly robust hardware.