moon I discovered moonit  from TechCrunch-“Moonit is a social compatibility tool that is rooted in astrological and psychological underpinnings’

from the moonit website –moonlit uncovers why you hang with friends, hate your boss and have the hots for that special someone.

1. think of a relationship you’re curious about

2. give us some info.

3 we’ll let the truth fly

After reading about Moonit I decided to try it. It is a lot of fun. It told me I would have a more compatible relationship with Alain Delon than with my eldest daughter! Now the catch is that I can enter data about how well Jessica and I are getting along and raise our percentage . Alas, there won’t be any more data about my ‘friendship’ with Alain Delon to enter. It was fun to read the description of how great our friendship would be. I ended up spending way more time than I had intended.

Alain Delon

Alain Delon

To learn more about Moonit from the guys at TechCrunch read the following –

Do You Believe In Magic? Moonit Looks To The Stars For Relationship Advice

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