Richard Burton

Richard Burton

I have adored Richard Burton since I was in high school. I remember seeing his film “Hamlet” at the Manos Theater on Main Street. I was captivated by the furs, jewelry, glamor  of Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor in magazines like Look and Life. I was amazed by their “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”

So I was thrilled to see Dick Cavett’s four part series about Richard Burton in The New York Times.The  October 9, 2009 column is the fourth in the series entitled “Richard Burton: A Regretful Au Revoir.” Mr. Cavett shares a story about Mr. Burton attending a party with Jerry Orbach and Susan Strasberg.

As a bonus, really the dazzling jewel, Dick Cavett has included a tape of the fourth part of a conversation where Dick Cavett and Richard Burton discuss accents, alcoholism, and acting. The interview was originally aired on PBS’s ‘The Dick Cavett Show’ (September 1980).

The video is well worth watching. Richard Burton has a voice that is like none other. He sits in a chair wearing a suit and tie as he shares a speech about pulling the sword from the stone  from ‘Camelot.’ You need to watch it. I cannot describe the connection he makes with his audience across the years and through a computer screen. Trust me, just watch it. If you find him as fascinating as I do you’ll enjoy watching the first three parts of the conversation.

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