Red-eared slider

Red-eared Slider by Robert Lang

From Robert Lang’s Website-

Medium: One uncut square of Wyndstone ‘Marble’ paper Folded: 1990s Size: 14″

Momchap was  the youngest child in a family of very smart people I learned at an early age to be quiet and listen. I frequently sat at dinner being interested in but not totally understanding the conversations flying around the table.

That memory came to me as I watched Robert Lang’s speech, “Flapping Birds and Space Telescopes.” I have taught children some easy origami figures. As a teacher I had to confiscate a few folded ‘fortune tellers’, so I knew a little about paper folding. Robert Lang mixes the art of origami with the math and science of space telescopes, car airbags and beyond.

Mr. Lang posits, “The secret to productivity in so many fields, and in origami, is letting dead people do your work for you.” From there he develops a fascinating talk at the 2008 TED Conference. His talk definitely exemplifies TED’s slogan – Ideas Worth Spreading.

Like my childhood dining experiences, I didn’t understand everything he said but it was fascinating to listen anyway.

Origami – TED