fluMy now grown children get tired of me reminding them to wash their hands. On a recent trip to California I shoved antibacterial wipes at them the entire trip. On the plane, before eating it was,”Here’s a wipe. or Oh, do you need a wipe?”

Hope they find the information from Esquire helpful. I found their advice on hand washing helpful-

“There’s nothing foolproof, but there is one simple little habit that can be at least as effective at preventing colds as the vaccine is at preventing the flu: washing your hands. In fact, frequent washing of your hands can reduce your chances of getting a cold by 30 to 80 percent, say researchers. By frequent, they mean, say, before every meal and after using the toilet, handling pets, or wiping your nose. By washing, they mean wetting your hands under warm water and scrubbing them with soap to a count of five, rinsing to a count of five, and drying thoroughly.”

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