Manhattan MelodramaYesterday I watched MGM’s 1934 crime melodrama, Manhattan Melodrama. I chose it because it starred Clark Gable, Myrna Loy and William Powell, three of my favorites. While I enjoyed it, the movie is not a great movie. However, after doing a little research I discovered several interesting facts related to Manhattan Melodrama.

-This was the first movie to pair Myrna Loy and William

Powell. It was obvious from their first scene that they created a wonderful cadence and magic together. They made their first Thin Man movie after this.

Clark Gable and Mickey Rooney

-Mickey Rooney plays Clark Gable’s character as a twelve year old. That must be a trivia question somewhere. In what movie did Mickey Rooney grow up to be Clark Gable?

-Shirley Ross sings a song “The Bad in Every Man” a song by Rodgers and Hart that later got new lyrics and became “Blue Moon.”

-The film was made famous when Public Enemy No. 1, John Dillinger, went to see Clark Gable in it (as Blackie, a gangster who strode to the electric chair with a smile on his face) and was shot down as he emerged from the theater on July 22, 1934.