GoogleIn researching his new book, Googled: the End of the World as We Know It, author Ken Auletta had extensive access to the company’s inner workings and reported widely on its impact on the media landscape.

What makes it so revolutionary? Ken Auletta, author of anew book on the company, shares his insights on why it’s uniquely successful and what that means for the media world.

In a exclusive, he offers ten enduring lessons drawn from his journey into Google’s realm:

1. Passion wins

2. Focus is required

3. Vision is required too

4. A team culture is vital

5. Treat engineers as kings

6. Treat customers like a king

7. Every company is a frenemy

8. Don’t ignore the human factor

9. There are no certitudes

10. “Life is long but time is short.”

This article caught my attention because ‘google’ is a tag line in our family. As my daughters are working on forming companies I was interested to see what elements made Google successful. The points Mr. Auletta explores are universals for business and in some ways life. It’s an good read.

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