Rachel Maddow is a television host and political commentator. Dr. Maddow graduated from Stanford. She was a recipient of a Rhodes Scholarship and completed her Doctor of Philosophy degree in politics at Oxford University.

Rachel Maddow is an excellent teacher. When I want to get some history and context for a news story I go to Rachel Maddow.

I really appreciated her coverage of the earthquake in Haiti. Her segment  -World sends its best to help Haiti


explained what assistance countries around the world are sending to Haiti. Sometimes it’s important to see a news story beyond just what the U.S. is doing.

The segment -Haiti’s proud history


highlighted major events in Haitian history. I was not aware of most of it.

Rachel Maddow reminds me of my kids’ pediatrician when they were growing up.  Rachel is and Henry was fact based and calm. That’s what I want when I’m trying to process highly emotional situations.