This week’s earthquake impacted many areas of Haiti. One city that has not gotten much attention is Jacmel.

From Wiki – Jacmel is a city in southern Haiti founded in 1698. It is a port town with an estimated population of 40,000. In the late 19th century  the town was inhabited by wealthy coffee merchants, who lived in gracious mansions that adorned the town. These mansions would later come to influence the home structure of much of New Orleans.

Jacmel is home to the Ciné Institute which provides Haitian youth with film education. Students from the school have been documenting what has happened in Jacmel. The story of the students’ efforts to document their city after the earthquake  can be found at –

Learn more about Ciné Institute and watch some of the student films at – It’s worth exploring the site to see beautiful photos of the people, architecture and landscape of Jacmel before the earthquake.