Have you ever noticed how excited weather people get when there’s a big weather event? Their reports end up making me anxious and nervous.

I think Mark Memmott has a terrific way to share a storm story in a visual, not alarmist manner.

from Mark Memmott – “The first fresh flakes just started to fall in my backyard, as what the weather folks say is going to be quite a blizzard over the next 36 hours or so makes its way into northern Virginia.

All the news about airport closings, travel warnings and last-minute crowds at grocery stores is here.

Mr. Memmott  placed a  yardstick out in the grass.  He plans to add  shots throughout the day as the snow accumulates. Watch the storm’s progress at – http://www.npr.org/blogs/thetwo-way/2010/02/here_comes_the_snow_watch_it_p.html