I don’t care about golf. I don’t care about Tiger Woods. My television was on when he gave his statement this morning so I listened.

He said several things that can help other people working their way through life.

He acknowledged his responsibility for his actions. He said his words wouldn’t make a difference – only his continued actions would.

While he’s been in treatment for over a month, he understands this is only the start on what will be a lifelong journey to recovery.

He accepts that he needs help from others and from his religious beliefs.

He did not say ‘forgive me.’. Instead he finished his remarks saying, “Today I want to ask for your help. I ask you to find room in your heart to one day believe in me again.” I think that it a powerful way to frame the idea of forgiveness.

I think most of the follow-up dissection of the statement revealed more about those speaking than it did of Tiger Woods. I don’t know whether he meant what he said, or  whether he wrote the speech or not. He did share core ideas that are true for any human trying to cope with life. I wish there was more discussion about the core elements of what he said rather than the fluffy, gossipy discussions I’ve heard.