I am very excited about starting a new project. As no one else seems to be as jazzed as I am, I have decided to post my thoughts here.

So, what’s got my little grey cells fired up? A movie challenge. I was searching for a journal to keep track of movies I’ve watched when I found “Everyone’s a Critic 52 Week Movie Challenge’ The book offers 52 different categories. “Film that won best picture.” “Adapted from a book” For each challenge I will watch, rate, and record information about the movie I’ve picked. You get the idea.

You can do the challenges in any order. I started with the first challenge, “A film that has won Best Picture.’ After looking at the list of Best Pictures, I narrowed it down to four. Two weren’t available. Now I am between Argo and Nomadland.

Tomorrow I’ll let you know which movie won Best Picture for me.