Had a lot of fun with the photo of detectives. Do you have some favorites? Do you remember shows that aren’t included here? Hope you have fun with this little trip down memory lane.

Columbo, Rockford Files, McMillan and Wife. McCloud

Mannix, Ironside, Kojak, Cannon,

Ellery Queen,   Baretta   , Police Woman   , Banacek      ,                  ,

Starsky and Hutch, Barnaby Jones, Hawaii Five-0

actor and detective name

Peter Faulk, Columbo

James Garner, Jim Rockford

Rock Hudson- Stewart Macmillan

Dennis Weaver- Sam McCloud

Mike Connors- Joe Mannix

Raymond Burr- Robert T. Ironside

Telly Savalas- Lt. Theo Kojak

William Conrad- Frank Cannon

Jim Hutton- Ellery Queen

Robert Blake- Det. tony Baretta

Angie Dickinson- Sgt. Suzanne ‘Pepper’ Anderson

George Peppard- Thomas Banacek

Paul Michael Glaser- Det. Dave Starsky

David Soul- Det. Ken ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson

Buddy Ebsen- Barnaby Jones

Jack Lord- Det. Steve McGarrett